Sonntag, 5. Oktober 2014

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"It's ok to not understand yourself"
(Es ist in Ordnung sich selbst nicht zu verstehen.)

extremely loud an incredibly close, jonathan safran foer

Donnerstag, 18. September 2014

Head against the machine

Could it be that the head is truthfully the bad?
I’m not speaking of ears and eyes and mouth-
they might be of some use.
What I mean is the brain-
collecting all those memories, impressions and pictures,
but that’s still fine.

The heart, they say, is pure-
but what does it really do?
Are those feelings meant to be pure?
Don’t they just cause pain?
How are the chances that what you feel, someone else does too?
I  mean- those ears and eyes and mouth,
Do they taste and see and hear as others do?
Isn’t it the brain, who gives meaning to them all?

It’s great to be able to realise that you’re alive.
The puppet can walk! The robot can talk!
But what else is there?
The body? the limbs?
'The Matrix man', that's what I hear them scream.
The voices in my head don’t rest- or is it my brain?

Is what they told me part of my brain?
Al those falsey misconceptions.
 My heart screams to shake them off and to be free.
Or is it my brain?
It’s all an act, you see!

My fingers try to reach for the me under my skin
But all that’s left from this are scars
That’s not a way to feel
Stupid brain!

Give me life
Give me joy
Give me pain like this
For that I see that I’m alive
I want to taste it, feel it, see it with my brain.
Get clear of myself and start being one
one with my eyes
one with my ears
one with my limbs
for they are not my limbs